Woven Beauty

Twisted thoughts inside my head oh so many times I scream and cry out in anguished sorrow. Yet no one sees or hears the turmoil and pain that lies deep beneath this shell of woven beauty fashioned to deceive the eyes that cannot see.

The young of the feminine one journey through my mind, to tread so lightly upon my soul, to leave no trace of their foot steps but to print their life upon my heart.

You offer your heart to man only to tear it with great speed from his grasp. Leaving bitter fingers to claw the ground as loathsome creatures mock his grief.

Before his face are the graves which hold no secrets, he knows the lure of their comfort oh so well.

Staggering under the load he bears his mind begins to bend and twist yet still there are new thresholds beyond all that he can feel.

Invite the daughters of darkness to tempt his passions. The chalice of love they offer him to quench his searing thirst but even to sip from it he would surly drown.