Living Being

I nearly became a living being tonight dear but you tore my soul asunder just in time to devour the sweetest part.

Yet still in my lady's chamber you wish to trap me with your silken threads of lust, strands of beauty fair.

My reflected images are distorted by your desire as you offer shades of light never before or again to be seen, and the sound of your voice clear like bells ring to give so beautiful an array of colour.

Somewhere in the depths of time lies the twining of light and sound, yet as I stand before you harmony and discord cast a spell over me.

Lost is my body in the folds of time to search in vain for the meaning of my despair, no hand to guide nowhere for feet to tread the light that once shone so bright now is dead.

The bones of a hundred dead men lay in your catacombs of time they did not rejoice in life but with death they dance eternally.

For it sounds no trumpet at your coming as passing through its door all is forgotten, what was light what was sound hung their cloak at the ever swinging door.

And now born of understanding with hair of gold face of ivory eyes like fallen stars you stand behind me as I dare turn to face that which is not yet there.

Whilst your tender kisses strike so deep that the very marrow of the bones does share the horror of your suffering dear.

To burn the earth by your presence dear and scorch the ground beneath your feet, the heart of man does melt at your rare touch.

As gentle teeth brake the steel bridle held between your jaws another discarded rider writhes upon the stones.

You hunger for my innocence, to taste my flesh, to scratch out the lines of your face divine. Crush the song I cried with a movement of your head.

Warm your cold body in the snow of winter and soften please your heart of iron, or behold bitter fragments of love falling through your nimble fingers to lay on the blacken ground below.