I believe in the spirit realm, that there's more to life than just a physical existence. I believe in creation and divine consciousness, I think that evolution and the big bang is only a partial explanation as to how life began.

It is possible to follow a spiritual path without the need for religious traditions and teachings. A simple belief that we are spiritual beings and have a spiritual dimension to our lives is all that is needed.

I believe that life is a spiritual journey and a seeking of truth, with knowledge and understanding revealed to us as we move forward and progress.

We need to be open to inspiration, allowing spirit into our lives and be guided by higher values, the most important of all being love.

We all have spiritual gifts that we can use to help ourselves and others with lifes challenges. One of the gifts that I have is second sight that is I get psychic visions and pictures.

I'm not a spiritualist but I do more or less believe in the seven principals that the spiritualist church is based on. The seven principles serve as guidelines for a personal philosophy of how to live one’s life here and now, They can be found along with an interpretation of their meaning at their website: SNU 7 Principles

With the first principle about the fatherhood of God I believe in a divine creative force not a deity, the term God has a lot of bad connotations associated with it and for some it's not possible to separate the idea of creation from the God of made religion, but I do believe they are not the same.


1. The Fatherhood of God

Essence of Life

2. The Brotherhood of Man

Unity of Life

3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels

Possibility of Contact

4. The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul

Spirit of Life Continues

5. Personal Responsibility

Obligation of Life

6. Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth

Incentive to do well

7. Eternal Progress open to every Human Soul

Progression Assured

For more information on the meaning of these principals visit the Spiritualists National Union website at:

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