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Hi I'm Gordon I'm now in my sixties and I have been mentally ill all my adult life. I first went into a psychiatric hospital in my early twenties, in the days of the old asylums. I also have fibromyalgia causing considerable physical disability. I find that my mental illness is more difficult to cope with than the physical difficulties that I face on a daily basis. Over the years I have been in hospital many times and have attempted suicide on several occasions.

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Until recently I had a young dog called Boo, taking care of her and getting out an about was excellent therapy and companionship. I find socializing very difficult but with Boo people would stop and talk and I still have few dog walker chums that I see from time to time.

I spent most of my life as a biker, I had a VW trike when I couldn't ride a bike anymore. It's been several years since I stopped riding and sold the VW trike. But being a biker is still in the blood and I intend to get another trike even if I'm an old age pensioner when I do it.



Finding it difficult to do certain physical activities I learnt to sail. Sailing is a great activity that can still be done with a wide range of disabilities. The RYA Sailability scheme helps people with disabilities to enjoy the thrill of sailing.

I love art and have tried to paint and draw but found to my disappointment that I have no artistic ability. I love music but again I have not been blessed with the skill to play any instrument except a simple frame drum. This has not put me off trying new art and craft hobbies but I feel this is not really my thing, but it is still fun to dabble.

The creative things I enjoy doing are creative writing and photography, using Photoshop and spending a lot of time learning to do other creative things on the computer. I'm dyslexic but I like to create websites using an HTML editor, this involves using code to develop the site. This is more challenging than using an application to build a website but I find it very rewarding to create something by hand that looks good and works well.


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